Art and Entertainment

19.03.2012 [14:12]
The artistic achievements, historical findings and scientific discoveries of Canada's people are reflected in the hundreds of museums across the country. The Glenbow Museum, for example, is home to more than 28,000 works of art by Canadian and international artists.

The nightlife scene in Canada comes in the form of casinos, dance clubs and jazz clubs, among others. Frequency, a nightclub in Toranto, is 17,000 square feet in area, with a chic, modern looking interior.

Canada has a flourishing performing arts scene, which is exemplified in the country's many theaters. The city of Edmonton is home to several theaters, including the Citadel Theater Complex, which is made up of several theaters whose seats number thousands in total.

Festivals and annual celebrations run through Canada's cities very often. The Toronto International Film Festival shows more than 300 films on more than 30 screens for 10 days in September.

Some of the more important artistic achievements in Canada are structures. John Andrews is responsible for the CN Tower, the largest structure on the planet when it was built in 1976. It stands 1,815 feet tall in Toranto as a colossal radio tower and tourist attraction.